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Updated: January 17, 2008

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Tim Kennedy

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Tim fights Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza for the Strikeforce Middleweight Title on 21 August in Houston! Be there!

We’re not sure about you guys, but when we think about people that graduated from Art-Centric, liberal schools with Bachelor’s of Arts degrees, images of dancing hippies covered in chalk at a “Love Rally” trying to throw said wet chalk onto our uniforms pops into our heads (most likely because this is exactly what happened when Nick went to Tim’s Alma Mater to represent the Army Judo team – yes, the Army Team beat the snot out of the art kid’s team – No, we did not beat the snot out of the hippies).

What we do not think of is a 220-pound juggernaut that enlisted in the Army after graduation, earned a CIB and Bronze Star for being engaged in heavy combat in 2006 during Operation Iraqi Freedom, became the only three-time All-Army Combatives Tournament Champion in history with back-to-back wins in 2005 and 2006, and has proceeded to take the world of mixed martial arts by storm, earning an impressive 11-2 professional record* and a 30-1 amateur record (loss avenged). His records did not come easy, as he has earned decisive MMA wins over top fighters like Jason “Mayhem” Miller, Ryan McGivern, Dante Rivera, and Trevor Prangley, as well as Pancrase and kickboxing wins over Scott Smith and Nick Diaz, and grappling wins over Diego Sanchez and Jeremy Williams. Furthermore, word on the street is that he might be able to take us…you know…if we had a really bad day…

While Tim’s background is impressive unto itself, it is all the more so because he began his fight career due to the influence of the most famous of all CAG operators – Chuck Freakin’ Norris. After watching Norris’sInvasion USA, Tim knew that he was destined to become a fighter, and asked his father to bring him to a dojo – which the wise Mr. Kennedy did, much to the chagrin of Tim’s loving mother who countered his “violent streak” by placing him into cooking and dancing classes (just throwing out some Joe Rogan fodder). Meanwhile, back at the Halls of Ranger Up, in sharp contrast to Tim who was out learning the art that would make him an undefeated IFL fighter ranked in the top 25 of all middleweight MMA fighters, we were hitting rewind and slow motion so we could watch the bad guy from Invasion USA kill the prostitute snorting cocaine by impaling her metal “snorting straw” through her nose into her brain – it was awesome.

Tim versus Trevor Prangley

Tim fights Zac Cummings in Strikeforce.

Tim fights Nick Thompson in Strikeforce.

How We Met Tim

When Tim found out about our efforts to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project through Operation Grim, he volunteered to be Grace’s “prop” for the photo shoot (even though the members of his unit would use his pictures to question his sexuality and post them “Lethal Weapon Style” on every wall they could find). We were thrilled to take him up on the offer but were curious as to what kind of dude was going to show up, as anyone that’s ever been around fighters knows that there is a wide spectrum of personalities that range from “Meatstick with Poor Impulse Control” to “Good-Natured, Disciplined Guy that enjoys the challenge of the world’s hardest sport”.

In this case, not only did we get the latter, but Tim wasted no time in becoming the comic relief for the day, accusing the blushing make-up artist of objectifying him, scaring Grace by pretending she had just fired the weapon she was holding, and even giving a class to the ladies about the concept of a “Party Pump” (one does pushups in the bathroom prior to going outside shirtless at the beach or pool to appear more “vascular”), thereby giving away one of the most sacred of all male secrets. He did all this, mind you, while his beautiful and extremely tolerant wife looked on, shaking her head initially at him, and then at all of us, as she realized that every dude in the room was a total assclown, and that not only were we not put off by Tim’s antics, but were chiming in, thereby raising the level of assclownery exponentially.

The group got along so well in fact, that Tim will not only be a Ranger Up sponsored athlete, but will be joining the Ranger Up team and heading up the newly formed “MMA Division” (we just wanted to have more than one division).

Tim is the father of two lovely little girls and a devoted husband who defines himself by his steadfast commitment to his family and Christian ideals. During our discussions, he commented that, “Fighting is what I do but my family is who I am. I’m fortunate that God has blessed me with my three wonderful ladies and the natural ability to do what I love.”

As this was the only serious statement that any of us made the whole time we were at the photo shoot, it was very clear how sincerely and passionately he meant it, and it has only increased our respect for the man. That being said, later, as we reflected on his statement, and then thought about the day’s events and wondered if he’d be upset about the superglue on his trunk waistline, we certainly don’t disagree, but it is clear that the greater gift he has received, far above and beyond his ability, is a VERY tolerant woman to share his life with.

Tim’s fight against Elias Rivera

Warning: Tim hits this guy so hard it’ll hurt you.

Tim’s interview after the fight

Check out Tim’s IFL match

Tim Kennedy Fun Facts

1) Born outside of San Luis Obispo, California, he is part of the world-renowned camp know as The Pit – where he trains with Chuck Liddell, Scott Lightly, Scott Adams, Glover Teixeira, and three rabid pit bulls – just to mix it up. His west coast trainer is the very skilled John Hackleman.

2) Before joining the Army in 2003, Tim was ranked in the top ten of all middleweight fighters by mmaweekly.com.

3) Tim can cling to walls, has the strength of ten men, and when his enemies are around, he feels a strange “spider-sense”.

4) In 2002, he won Grappler’s Quest West 3 in Las Vegas, defeating Diego Sanchez and Jeremy Williams.

5) In 2003, he won the Spartan Cup Pankration Championship in San Diego, California.

6) Tim Kennedy does not chase waterfalls. He sticks to the rivers and the lakes that he’s used to.

7) In 2003 Tim beat Jason “Mayhem” Miller in EC 50, Extreme Challenge 50 in Utah. In that event Dennis Kang did not advance after losing to Miller in the Prelim. Tim beat Cruz Chacon for the Championship. During EC 50 he had Chuck Liddell as his corner.

8) Tim Kennedy and Superman have never been seen in the same room.

9) For the past two years he has trained with Greg Thompson, Royce Gracie Black Belt, at Team ROC, in Fayetteville, NC and Alan Shebaro, a Carlos Machado Black Belt.

10) When Tim makes a snowman, he does not use a corn cob pipe. He is strongly against the use of Tobacco amongst the Snowpeople.

11) In 2007, Tim was undefeated in the International Fight League (IFL) fighting at both Light Heavyweight and Middleweight for the IFL’s Chicago Red Bears.

12) Tim was so slow in providing us with his bio facts that we ended up receiving them from his wife and dad (some nonsense about training with Chuck Liddell for his upcoming fight against Joe Riggs taking priority). In the initial bio fact sheet that we received, “Pancrase” was spelled “Pancreas”. His wife continues to adamantly claim that she did not misspell the word and that the error was a function of accepting a spell check correction too quickly – but we are publicly stating that we don’t believe her – because that is the most annoying thing we could do…

* His first loss was from his first professional fight – a 2001 match with always tough Scott Smith due to an unfortunate and odd cut stoppage that neither fighter wanted.

His second loss was in the Jason “Mayhem” Miller rematch. Tim refuses to make excuses for the loss and simply wants the rematch. Although we have a world of respect for Miller, the only reason he got back in the fight is that he hit Tim with an illegal elbow to the face that cut him open. The ref didn’t charge him the point he was supposed to – if he had, the decision would have gone to Tim. All that being said, we’re looking forward to the rubber match.

Want to write Tim? Send mail to: Tim@RangerUp.com.
There are too many articles and interviews with Tim to list here, but go to www.timkennedymma.com to read everything in Tim’s world.




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