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Updated: August 6, 2007

fitnessRanger Up Presents:

ALEX VIADA, Ranger Up Fitness Writer

Alex doesn’t really write this anymore, because of time constraints and the fact that he doesn’t think fitness is very complicated and he’s pretty much laid out most of it, but we think these are awesome, so we kee them here. He still answers questions atAlex@RangerUp.com

Also – the archives are located at the bottom of the page!.

When I first met Alex at the gym my first instinct was to hate him…because you know, he is stronger than I am…and he is an arrogant, sarcastic asshole. But then I was reminded that I am also an arrogant, sarcastic asshole, so I gave him the benefit of the doubt.

After getting to know him over the past few years, I still think he’s a giant asshole, but I am always impressed by how much he knows about training. This guy is the real deal and trains harder than anyone I know – better still, he’s all about performance. For those reasons, I thought his input would be an awesome addition to Ranger Up. I’m going to tell you a bit about him and hopefully you’ll feel the same:

I’m going to leave out his zodiac sign and favorite color, but I will share the stuff that I think matters and should impress you hardcore guys and shock you beginners out there. Alex is a black belt in Judo and Karate with a strong Muay Thai and wrestling background. He benches 455, squats 635, and deadlifts an absurd 720 freakin’ pounds at a bodyweight of about 225, while still maintaining the ability to run a sub five-minute mile. He has a degree in biology from one of those elite universities we all love to hate, is a former EMT, and has been a certified personal trainer for over four years. I have see him train everyone from semi-pro, high-performance athletes and power lifters to obese first-timers and pregnant women, all with great success. Finally, he is a featured moderator of many online workout forums.

How’d we get him here when he already has so much going on? Two reasons:

1) He loves working with military people because they generally don’t quit or complain about workouts.

2) We told him he could say whatever he wanted. Ranger Up fans don’t need anything sugar-coated.

So anyway, here’s his column. Hope you enjoy it.

Columns by Date:

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  2. Going from Big Guy to Lean Guy>>
  3. Supplement Guide>>
  4. Training with an Injury>>
  5. Staying Motivated>>
  6. Complete Nutrition Guide>>
  7. Crossfit>>
  8. Common Workout Questions>>



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