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Updated: November 16, 2009

lee-gibsonBorn just 2 weeks shy of Centennial day (July 4th, 1976 you patriotically challenged people), Lee is from the wrong side of the River for us Kansas Jayhawks. Lee has 5 sisters and a brother who he fights with like the Gallagher Brothers from Oasis. “He’s a douche bag,” Lee admits. 

His wife is from Norway and her name is Ingebjorg. That alone makes us quiver with anticipation that someday she’ll be a member of the Ranger Up girls squad. He somehow convinced her to forsake Norway for Kansas City and married her in Vegas. He therefore falls into the RU Nick category of charm skills. This brings us to the first reason we like him – He took a fight on Nov 20th. His wife is due to give birth on Nov. 24th. That means he’s brain dead, so he can’t really be hurt in the cage. That’s our kind of guy.

Lee wrestled in high school and won state in Florida where his old man lives and he would spend summers when not with his mom in KC. Got to respect a guy who can give you a wedgie and get out of town before you pull your jock out of your ass.

Lee joined the Army right out of high school and served in the 2nd Ranger Battalion where he was trained by the Gracie family. Disenchanted with the Clinton Administration’s misuse of the Regiment, Lee got out of the Army to get rich hunting for the legendary treasure of Captain Jack Sparrow as a commercial diver. He attended a dive school in Seattle for 8 months, got certified, and got a job in…Morgan City, Louisiana. We say again-brain dead.

Lee finally tore himself away from the Cajun Louisiana Voodoo and moved back to KC to be a firefighter, boxer, and bull rider (apparently he was a Ritalin kid). About 3 months into that he got bucked off and stomped on, breaking some ribs, collapsing a lung, getting a chest tube, and almost losing his job at the Fire Department. He finally showed mental capacity and hung up his spurs (though Ingebjorg sometimes wears them…oh mama!) and got into fighting. He was briefly a pro boxer with a 5-1 record when the Jiu Jitsu bug bit him along with his partner, the amateur MMA bug (for God’s sake, douse your bed for bugs, dude!).

Then Sept. 11th happened and Lee felt the call to duty (one huge reason we like the guy). He joined the 19th SF Group and made it through the Army’s biggest gut check-Special Forces Assessment and Selection (SFAS-also referred to as the School For Advanced Suffering). 

But suddenly that freaky Geico stack of cash showed up at his door. After accidentally stepping on it, he was selected by a private Army…er, security company…called Triple Canopy to be a mercenary…er, security consultant…and deployed to Mosul, Iraq.

After 3 tours in theater, Lee returned to the US and went back to pro MMA fighting. He racked up an 11-3 record, but ran out of money and ended up back in the private security business…in Nigeria. Another reason we like him-he prefers Iraq to Nigeria. Like Forest Gump, Lee refers to that period by saying, “Dude that sucked. That’s all I have to say about that.”

After another trip to Baghdad and a transfer to a new private Army with better time management skills, Lee finally had the time to get back into MMA in between trips to Douchebagistan.

He currently trains with Tony Fryklund in Kansas City and occasionally with Joachim Hansen when visiting his wife’s ancestral fjords in Norway. 

Lee Gibson has very bad karma. Witness:

1. He won a 4-man lightweight tournament in Vegas but when his demands for M&M’s in his dressing room WITHOUT brown ones went unheeded, he channeled Bruce Lee and Judo chopped the entire executive staff. They’re now out of business.

2. He once won a lightweight belt in a promotion with the gayest name ever – The Titan Fighting Championship. They’re gone now.

3. He fought for Elite XC.

Therefore Strikeforce is doomed because he’s fighting Nov. 20th at the Strikeforce Challengers event in Kansas City. Ranger Up will behind him all the way…until he puts every MMA promotion out of business of course. Bo





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  1. Dave

    November 17, 2009 at 9:07 pm

    Great bio on Lee. I may have to start paying attention to Ranger Up and even buy a t-shirt!

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