Meet Gert Kocani

Updated: January 26, 2010

gertThere are some guys that give you an instant feeling of “don’t fuck with me.” Kojak. Shaft. Dolemite. All not to be fucked with. After talking with Gert Koceni, we get the impression he carries boot knives, belt knives, and sharpened wolverine claws to quickly carve up anyone who tries to make off with his sweet ’99 Trans Am. But when you learn of his past, you understand his stoic exterior. In 1996 Gert and his family fled their native Albania to escape religious persecution and lived in Greece for several years until his folks were able to emigrate to the U.S. Immigrants are the backbone of America and have a long history of contributing to its success, so when the 9-11 attacks happened, he immediately felt the need to give back. A believer in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, Gert joined the Army and spent 3 years in 1st Ranger Battalion that included a six-month tour of Iraq. That’s got team Rhino written all over it. Gert eventually left the Army and became a jiu jitsu instructor at LA Boxing in Orlando where he also trains MMA with American Top Team when he’s not hunting crocodiles.

Although we normally like to bust our fighter’s balls, we’re going to stop here before we find a horse’s head in our bed. Ranger Up is proud to sponsor Gert Kocani when he fights this weekend in Virginia. Ranger Up!



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