Jorge “El Conquistador” Rivera

Updated: January 29, 2009

Jorge “El Conquistador” Rivera has been an MMA fighter since 2001 when it was still a backwater sport and he had to drive from Boston to West Virginia to find a fight. Talk about dedication. Since then he’s racked up an impressive record of 18-7 with notable wins over David Loiseau, Dennis Hallman, Edwin DeWees, Nate Marquardt, Nissen Osterneck, and Kendall Grove. Of his seven losses, three were to top ten fighters in Anderson Silva, Rich Franklin, and Martin Kampman. Few middleweights in the world have faced stiffer competition. Rivera was a member of The Ultimate Fighter season 4 and trains out of Boston, Mass.

But before all of that Rivera was cleaning mud out of tracks as a 19K Armored Cav Scout with A/1-70 Armor at Fort Polk, Louisiana. He helped move the unit from Fort Polk to Fort Hood, Texas before his enlistment ended in 1991. 

Why we like him #1- He’s never had a fight fail to be televised. No matter how many times the UFC puts Rivera on the undercard, his fight always makes it to TV because he’s so damn exciting. If you haven’t seen the beatdown he gave Kendall Grove, Google it.

Why we like him #2-He volunteers to visit troops overseas. Rivera just got back from a trip to Korea where he gave an MMA seminar to soldiers and then visited the DMZ. Ask him about the Bridge of No Return. He can tell you all about it. 

Why we like him #3- Before a fight he shaves his head with a huge blade like a Mongol. How can you not respect that?

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