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    Ranger Up’s 2015 Gift Guide — The Goods

    Here we go with the second part of our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide.  This time we focus on the fun stuff. KOTA Long Boards If you were like...

  • Violence

    Paris, ISIS, and Righteous Violence

      By Kevin Wilson On Friday, 129 people lost their lives in a series of terror attacks in France. It’s unknown right now what the final number will...

  • BurpeeHeader

    The Beauty of Burpees

      By Nick Barringer When it comes to calisthenics, there may not be an exercise both more loved and loathed than the burpee.   But what some might not...

  • M9_Pistol_combat_in_woods

    Pistol Problems

      By Kevin Wilson Alright, we’re gonna have an informal poll real quick. If you think the Beretta M9 is the absolute best service pistol the Army could...

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    Kilo Two Bravo

      By Kelly Crigger SPOLIER ALERT!!! PLOT POINTS OF THE MOVIE WILL BE REVEALED. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!!   Kilo Two Bravo captures the brotherhood of war better than...

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