• You’re a Bad Person

      By Jack Mandaville You are a hypocrite. That means you’re a poser, have little to zero integrity, and cannot be trusted. You’re an uncleanable stain on the...

  • The Best Advice I Ever Received

      By RU Rob It is election campaign season and unfortunately the non-stop commercials, media distraction, blah blah blah is coming. I really do hate the election cycle but...

  • Dumbass Chronicles: Hanging out with Hollywood

    By Jack Mandaville I’ve been around a lot of famous people for whatever reason—A-listers at the pinnacle of their careers. But to be honest with, I’ve only been...

  • Training, Hazing or Abusing?

      By RU Rob Hazing has been a rite of passage in the military from its inception. Earning the right to wear a badge, or become a member...

  • Top 3 Ways to Use Your Military Leadership Experience in the Civilian World

      By RU Twisted A military-to-civilian transition is difficult for many. Translating the skills you acquired in places like Iraq and Afghanistan to working for Initech can be...

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