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    Today is Memorial Day

      By SGT Awesome Today is Memorial Day, yet so many in our country haven’t the faintest clue what that means other than it is a three day...

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    Be Happy this Memorial Day

      By Genevieve Chase A lot of civilians don’t understand why some of us are so bitter about “Happy” Memorial Day weekend. They don’t get why we feel...

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    Memorial Day

    SPC Bill Maher was a mortarman. When I took command of the mortars in my second stint as platoon leader, I knew immediately that he was going to...

  • Flags In Ceremony at Arlington National Cemetary on May 24, 2012

    Memorial Day

      By RU Rob While Memorial Day in the United States often induces thoughts of the beginning of summer, BBQ’s and a long holiday weekend, it is not...

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    13 Questions with Team Rubicon in Nepal

      By Doc Bailey The recent earthquake in Nepal was devastating to the country. A mere 48 hours after the earthquake (it takes 24 to get there by...

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