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    From Amateur to Aficionado – The Basics of Cigars

    By Anthony Welsch There’s nothing quite like a cigar to unwind after a long day or make the most of your leisure time. Humans have been puffing on...

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    Herding Cats: Why Loyalty Counts

      By Lana Duffy This article is about cats. Don’t worry, I’ll get to the relevant bits in due time. I have two cats in my NYC apartment....

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    SaluteGate: Not Our Biggest Issue

      By SGT Awesome Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. If you’re a member of the military it is highly likely that you recently saw a...

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    Fellow Veterans, Stop Letting ISIS Win

      By Havoc13 I’ve been getting pinged right and left the last couple of days by well-meaning people who are apparently deeply concerned for my safety. It seems...

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    Choke-Out Cheating

      By Nick Barringer A few weeks ago recently retired MMA fighter Mark Bocek stated that he thinks 90% of MMA fighters use Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs). RU’s...

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