• US, Syria, and Russia: What do we know?

      By RU Twisted Events are unfolding quickly, as these things usually do. So this is going to be quick and dirty about what we know–and, just as importantly,...

  • The Multiple Cradle Launcher is Stupid

      By Kevin Wilson One of the many upsides to the community of writers that produces content for The Rhino Den and Unapologetically American is that we have...

  • Nude Scandal: It’s Your Fault, Too

      By Ragnar Musashi No one enters the military as a blank slate. We all go in shaped by 18+ years of living in the communities and overall...

  • Why “22” Will Never Change

      By Anonymous Ever noticed how much the internet is abuzz about suicide? Every day you can visit any social networking platform and read at least one article...

  • Send nudes: USMC Scandal Perfect Depiction of Societal Problem

      By Sergeant Sunshine March is Women’s History Month, with March 8 recognized as International Women’s Day. But what topic has taken over the military headlines? Marines posting...

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