• shutterstock_256470055

    Victim or Victor

      By Josh Gagnier We are not special and we are not owed anything. You are the only one responsible for your situation. “I don’t want to be...

  • shutterstock_248364811

    Single Ply Ain’t Fly

      By Kevin Wilson Readiness is one of those military buzzwords that everyone with foliage, wildlife or bits of astronomy on their collar likes to throw around as...

  • women in infantry

    Why You Should Shut Up About the Two Girls Who Enlisted Infantry

      By Paul J. O’Leary The online veteran community has discovered something new to get its collective panties in a bunch about. It seems two 17-year-old young ladies...

  • Judge1

    The Compassionate Judge

      By Mad Medic One of the hardest parts of this generation of Veterans is seeing so many of us fall by the wayside.  I have watched friends,...

  • RoadTripFeatured

    From MRAPs to Minivans: An Infantryman’s Guide to Family Road Trips

      By Paul J. O’Leary If you’ve been in the military anytime during the Global War on Terror, then you’ve experienced the magic that is convoy operations. Long...

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